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ii2007b.jpg (21954 bytes)
Pat R. & Brad Moon. The original background was all clouds, so I
changed it. (ii2007b)

ii2007h.jpg (28865 bytes)
All photos by me. Can you identify the inserted figures ? (ii2007h)

ii1999.jpg (25912 bytes)
What's real and what's not ? this was good enough to sell. (ii1999)

ii2007d.jpg (32243 bytes)
Is this image altered ? You tell me. (ii2007d)

Rob Harris memorial Hawaii Style. (d12007a)

Created for Nannette. There are 6 images plus titles. (di2007e)

Scott's 200 Th. jump.  These are fun to make. (di1999)

This was fun to make.  (di2007g)

Dec 5, 1981. (di2001)

Fang memorial Hawaii Style. (di2000)

ii2007c.jpg (24435 bytes) 
One of my first inserts, what's real and what's   not ? (ii2007c)

add2007e.jpg (27594 bytes)
This image will appear as a page in J.M. Richey's soon to be published book "Basic Parachute training" (add2007e)

add2007c.jpg (32440 bytes)
This image was on display at the 1999 convention in Quincy. Chuck Priest displayed it in his "Da Kine Rags" booth. All photography by me. I used 10 photos. (add2007c)

add2007b.jpg (47937 bytes)
This is a portion of a proposed marketing program for "Da Kine Rags" Soaring Suits. The photo of Oliver was taken by Marcus Helggli. (add2007b)

Copyright Sept. 2009, Skypeople Productions Ltd.


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